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By: Harnam Singh

Need Reefer Trailer Financing? We are right here to help you finance a reefer for your business.

Reefer trailers are one of the most versatile types of transportation equipment, and we are proud to offer the same versatility in reefer trailer financing options at Singh Lending Solutions.

Getting the financial services from Singh Lending has always been easy when it comes to applying for Reefer Trailer Financing and Loans.

With decades of experience, we at Singh Lending Solutions understand how important it is to deliver a great customer experience.

So your satisfaction is our top priority when it is about loans and financing and we promise to get you the funding as soon as possible.

A reefer trailer is often known as a refrigerated truck that is temperature-controlled with cooling units and is of great demand in the United States and other countries with larger economies.

Also, reefer trailers are increasing with the reach of globalization to makes the cold storage transportation easy by bringing fresh foods and pharmaceutical products safely in a fraction of time.

The U.S. cold storage market size was valued at USD 15.26 billion in 2018 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 3.7% from 2019 to 2025.

And the growth of the cold storage market is profoundly influenced by extensive demand for perishable goods worldwide.

So we understand the needs for the reefer trailer financing very well, therefore we offer various reefer trailer financing options to owner-operators and fleet owners in California and the United States.

We are here to help small businesses and first-time buyers with the best reefer trailer financing options.


What is a Reefer Trailer?

Behind all cold storage transportation services, there are reefer trucks and trailers.

Without a reefer trailer, owner-operators and business cannot even think about the cold storage transportation.

So with the increasing reach of globalization, reefer trailers have become a part of the global economy and these trailers are usually suitable for your perishable cargo.

A reefer trailer keeps temperature-sensitive goods from spoiling due to temperature variation and keeps the material fresh during the transition process.

So reefer trailers are designed in such a way to maintain a specific temperature to keep the cargo fresh and hygiene.

Consumers, individuals, and businesses rely on the fact that sensitive items need a refrigerated trailer so that when an item is ordered it is delivered to them in the safest possible way.

So based on this need, food safety laws, rules, and regulations exist to ensure that reefer trucks and trailers (containers) maintain the safety and integrity of the goods they transport.

Therefore a reefer trailer is not just about transporting an item from one location to another.

But it is also about transporting the goods in compliance with all necessary laws and food safety standards.

reefer truck

Type of Reefer Trailer: All you Need to Know before Financing

Generally, a reefer trailer is considered as a refrigerated trailer or a temperature-controlled reefer.

Reefer trailer financing can be easy, but before you go for reefer trailer financing and loans, you have to decide which reefer trailer you want to loan for.

There are usually various types of reefers from a dry cargo to an automated reefer for different purposes.

Dry cargo can be transported via a reefer truck, a semi-truck or a dry van.

However, if your load requires a controlled environment, either temperature or moisture, you need a reefer trailer to ensure that the goods are delivered safely in the best condition.

So before you take different financing options you have to get your reefer selected for the loans and approval process.

Usually, you will find reefer trailers in 3 categories. They are the


a) Refrigerated Reefer Trailer

Timing is one of the crucial factors when handling refrigerated products as it deteriorates with time at a rate dependent on the temperature of storage.

So for those who are looking to import and export perishable around the world refrigerated reefer trailers are popularly used.

It includes both refrigerators and freezers,  the difference might be a technicality to some, but the ability to maintain that few degrees on difference are extremely important to ensure the goods transported remain in a good state.


b) Cryogenic Reefer Trailer

Apart from perishable items, there are a whole lot of biological and chemical products which need a controlled environment for transportation.

So cryogenic reefer trailers are used, however, these reefer trucks are very rare.

They are mostly used for medical and technical companies due to the extremely low temperatures that they are built to preserve. Occasionally government agencies and medical companies will avail of these trucks but they are mostly used in extreme cases.


c) Heated Trucking Services

Heated Service trucking is where the carrier moves the shipment on a temperature-controlled trailer and maintains a specific temperature where occasionally the use of a warmer environment is just the type of service that is required.

Heated Service may also mean that the carrier is moving the shipment on a regular trailer with a portable heater.

So there is a difference between a temperature-controlled trailer and a heater truck.

A portable heated truck has no guarantee of a specific temperature it may allow the item to freeze, but an electronically operated heater will control the environment at stable performance.

So before your finance, your reefer trailer, it is time to get into the technicality of what kind of reefers are you are looking for to finance or lease.

Reefers come in a wide variety of specification, makes and models and typical reefer features include:

  • 28 to 53 feet in length
  • 5 to 13.5 feet high
  • 96 to 102 inches wide
  • 44,000 lbs weight capacity
  • Maximum volume of 3,700 cubic feet or 26 pallets
  • Construction made of Aluminium
  • Two movable axles that can be adjusted to balance the load
  • High-lift, swing and roll-up door options
  • Temperature sensors
  • Alarm system
  • Web-based reports to assess diesel fuel level
  • Remote control for adjusting reefer temperature etc.


Responsibilities/Skills required for operating a Reefer Trailer

Refrigerated truck drivers perform basic vehicle maintenance and are responsible for the cleanliness of their vehicles. They may load and unload their cargo, and they may also need to keep records of their shipments.

So Reefer trucking varies a little from the average trucking skills set which is one of the reasons the reefer trailer operators are paid more.

There are three  important responsibility a reefer trailer operator has to maintain on reefer trucking business

1. Reefer Motor Operation: where you will be responsible for making sure the unit is operating correctly at all times

2. Temperature Control & Monitoring: where you are responsible for controlling and monitoring the temperature according to the specific load that you are carrying.

3. Supervise Loading: Another responsibility is to supervise the loading of your trailer, in order that you can arrange the goods appropriately for maximum temperature control.

So a few basic skills set is required to operate a  reefer. However, the main requirement for a position as a refrigerated truck driver is to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) with classroom training from the trucking schools.


Best Reefer Trailer Financing Options & Loans

Singh Lending provides direct financing and leasing for all types of new and used reefer trailers in California and the United States.

We are devoted to helping the small businesses and owner-operators, so you may call on us to help you even if other lenders have turned you down.

We offer a variety of reefer trailer financing options that fits your budget and needs and best financing options such as simple interest loans, lowest financing cost, simple contracts, etc.

Singh Lending Solutions helps you to choose the type of loans that usually work best for you.

Our team of financing and leasing account managers will take the time to understand your business to provide the best support for your loan selection and approval process.

When you finance a reefer trailer with Singh Lending,  you can focus more on your business without letting your cash tied up on a reefer.

So you can make use of your cash for other investment purposes to grow your business and ensure that your equipment producing income for your business and thereby the profits.

We encourage you to contact us for a highly competitive rate and various financing options that we provide to our customers.

And the rates also often include the cost of training, shipping, installation and maintenance in packages.

Some of the financing options are described below which may work best for you.

If you have an immediate commercial equipment financing and loans requirement we are here to help you.


1) No Upfront Cost/Lowest Rate Financing

We know how important it is for you to keep the cost of interest and monthly budget installments as low as possible.

So we assist small businesses and owner-operators to get the loans at a lower interest rate keeping the initial installment very low and at no upfront.

Thus you can preserve your cash flow and focus more on the other objective of your business.

And this gives you the ease of financing a reefer trailer without being hard on your budget.


2) Deferred Payment Option

We understand your world, at Singh Lending Solutions we are also capable of offering programs which will reduce the installment payments during the initial few months of operation.

This will allow you to pay off your installment better and light until the equipment financed reaches it’s potential producing full income in the months to come.

Deferred Payment Options can also be availed on request.


3) Private Financing/Sale Option

Most of the time Trailer Financing Companies or Lessors are unable to finance private sales because of inadequate paper or for some other reasons such as the credit score.

We at Singh Lending Solutions try our best to make financing options easier for you so that you can take your trailer home.

We just make it easy with proper verification and documentation and it is just done.


4) Online Leasing/Rental Option

Leasing allows you to make use of the most appropriate reefer that you need for your business.

Reefer trailers come in a range of shapes and sizes for different jobs, and they require proper inspection and maintenance to avoid huge losses.

However, you can choose the time and duration that you need to lease a reefer without bothering about the maintenance of a reefer.

Financing a reefer trailer is easy, so if you really want it to happen for you to be fast, you don’t have to wait on slow approvals and tedious paperwork.

Qualified buyers can directly get the trailer even with no down payment.

You can also find the right duration and terms upon your budget

So it is usually fast secure and hassle-free

You can directly apply online by choosing the type of loan and the amount of loan you want.

We have contributed to many success in achieving a well above average approval ratio with the following offerings such as

  • Low Rates
  • Flexible Terms
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Leasing Options
  • Competitive Rates
  • All Credit Welcome

and much more.


Bad Credit Reefer Trailer Financing Option

We know well that as an owner-operator you heavily depend on the truck and trailer to earn a livelihood because your trailer is essential to your job.

So whether you are just beginning your business or you want to upgrade a reefer, you need the best price and financing rates that are minimal and easily affordable for you.

That is why we extend reefer trailer financing to those with poor and bad credit. We require no minimum credit score and we let first-time buyers and owner-operators to pledge their own personal assets as security for the loan.

Usually, when you need a truck or you want to finance a trailer you are often turned down by most lenders because of poor and low credit scores.

So for credit-impaired buyers, we have a special program, in spite, we understand that there is risk in financing and leasing a reefer because predicting the future is uncertain.

However, all lenders are not the same, we at Singh lending Solutions take the risk to help you get your reefer on the road.

It is your responsibility to locate the right trailer for your needs at an affordable price, pick a reefer and let us help you with the reefer trailer financing approval process.

We provide financing for trailers bought from all types of sources such as private parties, local dealers, auctions and online purchases.

So if your credit is impaired,  you can turn to us and we at Singh Lending Solutions is always there for the assistance.


You can also obtain reefer trailer financing by one of the bad credit option below:


1. Appealing Additional Collateral To Secure a Reefer Loan

If you have declared bankruptcy, have late pays on your credit file, we can still help you finance a commercial trailer.

So when you have bad credit and you need to obtain a trailer for your business you can pledge additional collateral to get your loans approved.

Collateral can be in the form of other trailers or equity in real estate or other paid off equipment.

This will provide a boost to your approval process for reefer trailer financing and a lender is able to provide the financing you require for your business.

Thus additional collateral will help owners and operators to secure a reefer trailer financing fast and easy.

So do not allow your past credit issues to prevent you from growing your trucking business.


2. Prove Other Additional Income/Current Cash Flow

For a bad credit history, it is difficult to create a trust factor in a business which involves risk factor and several doubts.

So if you have bad credit and you need a reefer than we can arrange to finance it if you can justify that you have a positive cash flow at present.

In this case, bad credit history can be neglected oftentimes, and a lender is able to gain the trusts and accept the risk of offering the loans for a reefer.


3. Short Term Working Capital

Even if you have bad credit, short term working capital can solve your working capital needs

A short term working capital is actually structured with a smaller amount of daily payments to escape from the bigger payouts and installments of loans.

Working capital loans are great for buying commercial equipment, vehicles, inventory, or just use it to your improve cash flow.

So if you don’t qualify for equipment financing, short term working capital can solve the problems of bad credit track record.

And we can help you to get the short term capital loans and finance.

Contact us today for all your reefer trailer financing needs.



A reefer trailer is the backbone of a refrigerated trucking company.

To finance a reefer trailer Singh Lending Solutions provides a wide variety of financing and leasing programs for all types of reefer trailers.

If you have any questions related to reefer trailer loans and financing we encourage you to call our representative and get a free consultation on financing a reefer.

Singh Lending solutions can take your call any time during office hours and at all working days.

So you may call us directly or drop us an email or just apply online for instant approval.

And we will get back to you to discuss your needs.

Land your trailer today with SLS, we are just a call away 🙂


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